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Please complete and submit the following form to request an account for the online Lord Peter Wimsey Companion.

Once the account is approved, you will be e-mailed a notification message and you can then login here.

VERY IMPORTANT: you must give a working email address.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 10 minutes of completing this form, it means something has gone wrong. Almost certainly, this will be either that you mistyped your email address, or that your email provider has diverted our message to your junk folder.

In either case, there is very little we can do to help, and therefore it is entirely your own responsibility to enter accurate information and to ensure that our emails to you will be delivered successfully.

User account

Please choose a username, to be used when logging into the LPWC. You can use your real name, or anything else that is easy to remember. It must be unique, so you might find your first choice has already been taken - if so, please try something different, or add a number on the end.

For technical reasons, usernames must always begin with a capital letter: we will capitalise the first letter for you if you enter it differently below.

Both usernames and passwords are strictly case-sensitive. When logging in (either here, or on other pages or sites which use the same login details such as the DLS Society Members Area), you must ensure you type both your username and password exactly.

You must also give a working email address, which will be used for several purposes connected with your account:

  • A confirmation message will be sent to you as soon as this request is submitted.
  • An initial temporary password will be emailed to you once your account is approved and created.
  • If you ever forget your password, you can ask for a new temporary password to be sent to the email address we have on file for you.
  • We will use the email address to contact you if there are any problems with your online account.

If you are a member of the Society, we may also hold an email address for you for membership purposes, but this is not automatically synchronised with your LPWC account: therefore, if your email address changes in the future, please ensure you update it here using the "preferences" page, as well as telling the membership secretary about it.

Personal information

This must be your real name.

In the box below, you must give your full postal address: without this, your request for an LPWC account will not be accepted. The reason for this is that the LPWC includes documents and images which are protected by copyright, so even though we do not charge for access, we need to keep accurate records of who is able to view the pages.

If you are a member of the Dorothy L Sayers Society, please mention this, and we will enable your username for access to the private Members Area too. Please also ensure the address you give matches the address we have on our membership records.

You can also give any other supporting information - for example, where you heard about the Society or the Lord Peter Wimsey Companion.

Any information you give will be kept confidential, and will not be passed on to anyone else.

What happens next?

  • A confirmation message will be sent to you when this request is submitted.
  • You must respond to this email within 30 days by clicking on the link in the email. Until you have done so, your application cannot proceed any further.
The confirmation email is sent out almost immediately, so if you do not receive it within a few minutes, it means either you mistyped your email address, or it has been blocked by some kind of email filter. You might find it in your "junk" mailbox. We are sorry, but there is little we can do to help in either case, since the problem is between you and your Internet provider.
Please do not click the confirmation link more than once, as it will NOT speed up the process!
  • We will then check your details to make sure that you are a real person. NB: This is a manual process, and may take several days at busy times, although we try to complete this stage within 24 hours.
  • If you have stated that you are a current member of the Dorothy L Sayers Society, we will check that too, and then enable your account for access to the Members' Area.
  • An initial temporary password will be emailed to you.
  • You should then login here straight away and change it to something more memorable.